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Celeste historical & theatrical costumes is a true institution in the field of period clothing both for hire and which can also be purchased and commissioned made to measure. The jewel in the crown of the wide sartorial offering are the 18th century Venetian dresses, iconic and with unrivaled beauty and value. Contact the atelier or come and visit us directly and without obligation in our showroom on Lake Como: it will be like taking a dive into the past.


Venetian dresses from the 1700s

As mentioned, one of the most popular services of our Celeste atelier in the province of Como is the rental of 18th century Venetian clothes and other historical eras. Thanks to this efficient and convenient formula, you will be able to enjoy the use of a superb and also adaptable dress, made by expert hands and with great attention to detail, always at competitive prices. Not only that, you will find a highly professional staff who will guide you in the best choice for your needs and will be able to offer you only the most suitable garments that comply with the historical era of reference. Choose Celeste historical & theatrical costumes with confidence for the legendary Carnival of Venice, for parades, parades, shows and for the most diverse events.


At our Celeste historical & theatrical costumes showroom it is also possible to have stage clothes made and specifically 18th century Venetian dresses. With great skill and attention to detail, Celeste herself will be able to offer you a unique and noteworthy garment but above all in perfect eighteenth-century style. Not only that, in just a few steps you can have a perfectly themed outfit that also best matches the context in which you will show it off. For example, for a winter event it is clear that the fabrics will be sumptuous but heavy, for a theater show they will have visible colors and details suitable for the performance and so on. Trust with total security and trust those who really know about historical and tailored clothing, choose our Celeste atelier on Lake Como for all your events.


Rent a historic Venetian dress from the eighteenth century!

18th century Venetian dresses have an undeniable and superb charm, but there are infinite versions and styles. Celeste herself, from Celeste historical & theatrical costumes, will be able to present you with the ones best suited to your event and your specific requests and will also be able to explain and tell you the story of each individual item. Not only that, you will also be able to commission something unique and just yours that will have a truly high value and a personalized allure suited to you. In general, however, we can say that these eighteenth-century Venetian dresses have in common a refined and sumptuous mood characterized by luxurious details such as lace, buttoning and highlights. No less important are the fabrics used, damask and often coming from distant and magical countries: discover all this by visiting us in our Celeste atelier in Maslianico in the province of Como.

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