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About us

Celeste Costumi

I found myself at a point in my life where I questioned my desire to continue to feed on my certainties. The breeze of novelty I felt was a mix of fear and enthusiasm.

Starting over from scratch, returning to my origins... I would never have imagined a future like the present.

The idea of opening a theater tailor's shop had already flashed in my mind many years ago. I was born as a professional stylist, I taught in schools and worked as a costume designer at the Teatro Sociale of Como, but then I took other paths... that's another story.

Sarto con nastro di misurazione
Officina del cuoio

Beyond passion

My passion for art and theater has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the Angaroni Ciapessoni family, who for over 60 years has created thousands of magnificent theatrical dresses entirely by hand, with the dedication and love of those who are only moved from the passion for art.

From this fortunate meeting, born and raised in sincere friendship and mutual respect, the "Celeste Costumi Storici & Teatrali" atelier was born, a new reality that continues the tradition and experience of two generations, adding new ideas and a touch of innovation.

Here, this is Celeste.

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