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Celeste historical and theatrical costumes is a real point of reference for those who, like you, are looking for stage and above all theatrical clothes for hire. Our vast range of products will be able to satisfy even the most particular needs and choosing historical costumes for theatrical performances, historical re-enactments, private parties, demonstrations and events of various kinds will be very easy. Not only that, when entering our atelier you will feel like you are in a time machine and the experience is truly unique. Also remember that we are specialized and highly professional and all our theater costumes for hire are of high quality and made with great attention to detail. Stepping into the shoes of your ancestors is truly possible and this elusive journey into the past will take you from the Egyptians to the early 1900s. Come and visit us in the atelier on Lake Como, or visit our web pages and contact us without obligation.


Rent theater and show costumes

There are many reasons why it is really worth choosing Celeste costumes' theatrical costume rental and more generally it is worth paying a visit to the atelier. In fact, here you will be invaded by respectable colors, fabrics, scenic and historical clothes, practically identical to the originals of the most varied eras. What distinguishes Celeste costumes is first and foremost this, the wide choice and quality of the clothes and all the matching accessories and last but not least the experience and tailoring skill of the staff. Celeste awaits you for an informative visit and to give you sincere advice on the most suitable costume for your event or representation.


The theatrical costume rental by Celeste costumes is truly efficient and impeccable in every step. In fact, in just a few steps you will be able to enjoy a unique and perfectly styled dress and here's how easy it is to rent your favourite:

  • come to the atelier and choose the dress

  • Pay a small deposit and we'll reserve it for you for the date of your event, we'll also take care of tailoring it

  • pay the rental and deposit the deposit and collect your vintage item

  • return the dress by the appointed day and collect the deposit, we will also take care of washing and sanitizing it

Seen, the Celeste costumes service is easy and convenient and also highly professional and functional, come and visit us in the atelier, we will give you all the time necessary for your choice.



Theater and show costumes for hire!

Celeste's atelier offers much more than simple theatrical costume rental and in fact also offers you a series of equally specific and professional services such as the rental of clothes for Carnival, Halloween, Santa Claus clothes and for live nativity scenes and other holidays. Not only that, it is also possible to request tailor-made clothes for certain types of dance and there is also a section of the atelier completely dedicated to children.

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